Charles M. Gwynn founded the Sow A Seed Youth Organization (SASYO) in
1997. Under the direction of
Pastor Elaine Benford-Gwynn this organization has
compassionately provided food for over 100 families bi-weekly, toys for over
300 children each year, and provides blankets and clothes for families. Sow A
Seed Youth Organization also serves the Detroit Public Schools by sponsoring
an honor roll picnic each year for low to moderate income families and students.

Our free honor roll celebrations allows the children to enjoy festivities as well as
receive awards for outstanding scholastic achievement. This encourages
students to strive for excellence no matter what their situation. Students who
were not on the honor roll are encouraged to bring up their grades.  In fact
there are many children who were not on the honor roll, but gave an extra
effort and were on the honor roll the next year.  

Because of their overwhelming success and sponsorship we have decided to
consolidate the Sow a Seed Youth honor roll student picnic/carnival and the
"It's A Family Affair Super Mega Fest".  This year we plan to distribute 5,000
backpacks and school supplies to Metro Detroit children.
SASYO in the Community